Option 1        Umoja (oo-MOH-jah)      Unity

Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, "I am We," or "I am because We are."  Umoja Workshops explore ways in which we can foster and rekindle that warm fuzzy feeling of being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Option 2        Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)     Self-Determination

Self-Determination requires that we define our common interests and make decisions that are in the best interest of our family and community. Kujichagulia workshops and lectures explore some common interests that can bring harmony and bridge gaps across cultures in communities.

Option 3       Ujima (oo-GEE-mah)     Collective Work and Responsibility

Collective Work and Responsibility reminds us of our obligation to the past, present and future, and that we have a role to play in the community, society, and world. 

The Ujima Workshop/Lecture is dedicated to addressing the positive role that  African-Americans play in the world.

This workshop is designed to educate, stimulate, and develop the mind.

Option 4        Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah)        Cooperative Economics

Cooperative Economics emphasizes our collective economic strength and encourages us to meet common needs through mutual support.
Ujamaa Workshops and Lectures provide practical tools for Financial Literacy. Experts in particular aspects of Financial Literacy are available…

Please contact us at KwanzaaMama@gmail.com about this opportunity.

Option 5        Nia (NEE-yah)         Purpose

Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community. Nia Workshops and Lectures guides participants to set personal goals through a series of activities that help to clarify purpose.

Option 6        Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah)     Creativity

Creativity makes use of our creative energies to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community.  Kuumba workshops and lectures highlight and explore the creativity of African-Americans and their contributions to the Art Forms of the world. Workshop planners will select ONE art discipline: DANCE  DRUMS   SONGS   CRAFTS.

Option 7        Imani (ee-MAH-nee)     Faith

Faith represents honoring the best of our traditions. Our faith draws upon the best in ourselves, and helps us strive for a higher level of life for humankind, by affirming our self-worth and confidence in our ability to succeed and triumph.  Imani Lectures and Workshops focus on the tenacity of the African-American Spirit and demonstrates how FAITH propels and sustains even in the most trying situations.

The 7 Principles Workshop/Lecture Series 

The following describe a series of seven Workshops/Lectures based upon the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa.  Event Coordinators are encouraged to scroll down this page and review each theme before making a selection.  Sessions are one hour in duration and include all materials.  Limited to 20 participants per session.

Thank you for embracing the power and beauty of Diversity and Inclusion.