KwanzaaMama’s main purpose is to inform and educate in order to bridge gaps that feed the fear which lead to violence and hatred. She also seeks to inspire dreams for the future among youth, and to celebrate the cultural diversity that enriches our communities. KwanzaaMama™ has witnessed how diversity enriches communities and recognizes that although there are many different cultures—they share one world... and that world needs to be safe and peaceful for all.

KwanzaaMama™ utilizes the Kwanzaa Principles of Unity, Self-determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith—as a blueprint, for connecting historical achievements with current accomplishments.  KwanzaaMama states, “It is wise to remember the past in order to shape the future because it is the pride we glean from our heroes and she-roes that fuel us with optimism as we look toward the future.

The KwanzaaMama™ Legacy: To find ways to help folks give each other hope and to work together in order to make our piece of the world better than we found it."